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Pilates is experiencing an explosion in popularity-not just in the United States, but worldwide. That means there is an increasing need for Certified Pilates Instructors. Has the possibility of becoming a Pilates instructor been rolling around in your mind? If so, let me assure you that you don’t have to be the youngest, thinnest, or the most agile in your class to be successful. You do, however, have to have a passion for pilates-not just for practicing it.

 It takes time, money and commitment to train as a Pilates instructor.

 Here are a few questions to ask yourself to decide if teaching pilates is right for you:

Are you a people person?

Communication is paramount in Pilates instruction. Visual, verbal, and kinesthetic communication take place between student and instructor all the time, making Pilates an intimate and interactive experience. Also, Pilates is very physical. Touch is almost always part of Pilates instruction, and it’s certainly part of teacher training. The bottom line is that you don’t necessarily have to be an outgoing person to teach Pilates. but you do have to be willing to fully engage with your students.

Do you like to teach?

As with most disciplines. teaching is different than doing. Take a moment to consider whether you’re just passionate about practicing Pilates (which is fantastic!) or it you’re really interested in teaching it. Teaching Pilates requires a lot of energy and attention that is focused on others.

Are you attracted to the deeper philosophies of the Pilates method?

Once you commit to teacher training, you are responsible for understanding the full breath of the Pilates method. This includes the mind/body integrative part of Pilates as reflected in the Pilates principles, as well as the subtle techniques of the physical training.

Are you interested in anatomy, physiology, and the inner workings of the body?

Be forewarned that quality instructor training does not skimp on the science behind the movement.

Are you self-motivated?

As a new instructor, you will start part-time and build classes and private clients gradually. Depending on where you live and what contexts are available for you to teach in, you may have to do a lot of self-promotion and consumer education to get your career launched.

Our 12-month, 500 hour accredited classical program follows the recommendations of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Teacher Training

You will learn Joseph Plates original repertoire for both Mat and Reformer and you will learn over 500 exercises using all of the apparatus including:

  • Chair
  • Cadillac/Tower
  • Barrels
  • Pedi-Pole

During this intensive training you will

  • attend 5 weekend Training Modules
  • attend workshops on anatomy and special populations
  • accumulate hours of personal practice, observation and apprentice teaching
  • participate in teaching labs
  • complete a case study

Most importantly, you will learn HOW TO TEACH.

Once you complete all the requirements, a Certificate of Completion as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor will be issued and you’ll be qualified to take the National Pilates Method Alliance certification exam.

Tuition is $6500 and is payed in installments prior to the Training Modules.
(textbooks not included)

For More Information or Registration

contact our Education Director: or 952.250.1552

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Testimonials

Studio L2 has a fantastic training program with in depth materials, welcoming atmosphere and amazing instructors. The Studio L2 training program provided me with all the necessary tools and knowledge to prepare me for my teaching journey. I can’t thank Studio L2 enough for all the support!” – Lauren S.

Teacher Training

After falling in love with Pilates a little over a year ago, I decided I wanted to jump in 100% and become a Pilates instructor. I wasn’t sure exactly how to begin my career change, but Laura got me started right away and helped me more than I could ever have imagined! Studio L2 not only has the best tools and equipment to learn with, but also the smartest teachers and an amazing network of Pilates professionals. Everyone at the studio – from the teachers to the other students – is happy and willing to help with whatever questions you have, and the learning environment Laura creates at Studio L2 is super comfortable. She is committed to helping you learn all aspects of true, classical Pilates, and I can’t recommend her enough!” – Cate S.

Teacher Training

The comprehensive Pilates training program at Studio L2 Pilates Training Center has greatly exceeded my expectations. The program covers all major aspects of classical Pilates and has provided me with the tools and knowledge I need to advance my own personal Pilates practice and to teach others how Pilates can benefit them in their everyday lives as well. I have gained a greater understanding of the classical Pilates method on all apparatus and how it can be applied and modified to suit the individual needs of each body. Throughout the program Laura has been very active as a role model and mentor and she has worked hard to ensure her students have the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. I have learned more about Pilates and myself than I ever thought possible and I am grateful for the entire team at Studio L2 Pilates Training Center for their support and encouragement in helping me become the teacher I am today.” – Brenda W.

Teacher Training