Laura Landgren

Laura Landgren

Studio L2, Owner & Education Director

Comprehensively Trained Instructor


  • Peak Pilates Comprehensively Trained Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Method Alliance Certified
  • Education Director for Pilates Teacher Training
  • Studio Barre Teacher Trainer

Over the years I’ve been an elementary school teacher, a financial advisor, and a stay home mom to my two amazing daughters. All of these endeavors prepared me to become a small business owner, creating the opportunity and platform to teach this incredible Movement System invented by Joseph Pilates.

I fell into Pilates back in 2000, when Pilates was making its way to the Twin Cities. My personal trainer was getting certified and needed to practice teaching on a willing body. Always up for a new experience, I said, “yes!” When I first walked into her home studio and saw that strange piece of equipment called the reformer, I remember thinking, “What on earth did I get myself into?” But once I experienced those incredible resistance/assistance Springs, I was hooked! As the Pilates industry continued to grow in Minneapolis, I took lessons at various studios. One of my teachers asked me if I’d ever considered becoming an instructor. No, I honestly hadn’t. But then I got to thinking, my daughters are teenagers now, I absolutely love practicing Pilates, and teaching is in my blood…so, YES! I’d love to help people move and feel good in their bodies.

After three years of training through Peak Pilates, I earned my Comprehensive Certification. I taught at a gym studio for a year and then opened my home studio. A year and a half later, when my students were ready for more, I opened Studio L2 in Eden Prairie in September 2012.

Wearing my entrepreneurial hat is sometimes challenging for me as the teaching part is where I feed my passion. But what an incredible, educational, emotional experience this has been! It’s been fascinating to watch the Studio become its own little entity. We are a more intimate Pilates studio, so our students get the chance to know each other. Low and behold, friendships have formed and networking abounds! I always tell people that at SL2 we take our Pilates seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. At any given time someone may walk past our closed doors and hear laughter coming from inside.

To be the best teacher possible, I believe it’s imperative to stay a student of the work. I attend weekly private lessons with my trainer/mentor in addition to practicing 2-3 times a week on my own or with my fellow Pilatesistas. Because of the variety of equipment and hundreds of exercises, Pilates is never boring! In fact, the longer I do it, the more challenged and motivated I feel to work to the ideal, just like Joseph would have wanted. And, truth be told, I love learning. So even if I wasn’t required to earn continuing education credits every year, I’d still attend as many workshops and conferences as possible, just to feed my insatiable craving for Pilates knowledge. I liken Pilates to wine, for example, or cheese. The more you learn, the more there is to learn.

Someone asked me recently if my impression or perspective of Pilates has changed over the years. I hadn’t thought about it before that moment, but the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Yes, because when I first started practicing Pilates I did it for the fitness aspect. I was in my late 30’s and loved feeling my flat stomach and strong, flexible muscles. Fast forward to celebrating my 5th decade of life… now it’s not about how I look in a bikini—it’s about not falling on my keister when I walk my dogs in the winter when the sidewalk is a sheet of ice! (Did I mention Pilates helps increase your balance?) Try as I might, I realize I can’t stop the aging process, but through Pilates, I can slow it down.

I love helping people feel good and strong in their bodies.
I love helping people move in alignment with grace and ease.
I love witnessing that “aha” moment when a student makes a mind/body connection.
I love when my students share examples of how they’ve taken Pilates out of the Studio and into their every day lives.

Thank you, Joseph Pilates, for sharing your life-changing movement system with the world.