What are the advantages of Private Lessons or Duettes?

Individualized instruction utilizing all of the Pilates equipment and mat work is the most effective way to achieve results in your body. If you are new to Pilates or are overcoming an injury, private lessons are essential to learning the Method correctly. Private instruction offers you complete 1:1 attention from your instructor and allows you to move and learn at your own specific pace. On the other hand, some people prefer Duettes because they’re a great compromise. Their workouts will be more customized than in a group class, duettes are more economical, and they have an opportunity to workout with a friend or family member.

Private Training

Your private Pilates sessions start with the Fundamentals and then move into the classical repertoire which consists of hundreds of exercises.  You’ll be trained on all of the apparatus:  Reformer, Tower, Barrels, Chair, Cadillac and Mat Work, while integrating the six Pilates Principles of Breath, Control, Flow, Centering, Concentration and Precision.  See for yourself how Pilates will transform your body in how you look, how you feel and how you Move!

*All sessions are 55 minutes   Prices vary per instructor


Never tried Pilates before? New to the studio? You are eligible for a free class!


Duette Training

Partner Pilates! Bring your BFF, your spouse, your daughter, your mother..whoever! It’s so fun to work out together! This 55- minute Duette is based on the classical Pilates movement system and the 6 Pilates Principles of Breath, Control, Flow, Centering, Concentration, and Precision. Students will be trained on mat, reformer, tower, chair, barrel and cadillac. Prices vary per instructor.