After your 30-minute Complimentary Session, you’ll move on to the New Student Special.  During these three classes, you’ll work 1:1 with one of our highly trained instructors to discover your Powerhouse, learn the Pilates Fundamentals, learn how to stabilize your hips and shoulders, and gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates Principles of Breathing, Concentration, Precision, Centering, Flowing Movement and Control.  You’ll also learn Beginner exercises on all the apparatus.  These sessions will also give you a chance to create body awareness about how your body moves, where your individual imbalances may be, and give you an idea of places you can focus and work as you continue your Pilates practice.

These private sessions are custom tailored to meet your objectives of either attending classes or continuing on with private sessions or doing a combination of both!  (New Student Special)

What are the advantages of Private Lessons or Duettes?

Individualized instruction utilizing all of the Pilates equipment and mat work is the most effective way to achieve results in your body. If you are new to Pilates or are overcoming an injury, private lessons are essential to learning the Method correctly.  Private instruction offers you complete 1:1 attention from your instructor and allows you to move and learn at your own specific pace.  On the other hand, some people prefer Duettes because they’re a great compromise.  Their workouts will be more customized than in a group class, duettes are more economical, and they have an opportunity to workout with a friend or family member.

What is a Pilates class like?

Our small group classes range between 3-5 students (3-8 people for Mat classes). Each session is a workout specifically designed by your instructor to safely challenge everyone in the group. Your instructor does not work out with you– instructors are there to teach you, using both verbal and tactile cueing and occasional demonstration.  We know that the true benefits of the Pilates method happens when you commit to a regular Pilates routine. At Studio L2, our classes are a fun and affordable way to receive high quality instruction in a comfortable, non-intimidating small group setting.

For any Pilates session, it’s best to avoid anything loose or baggy. Instead, opt for form-hugging clothing like leggings and tank tops or T-shirts to avoid clothing getting caught in the Reformer. This style of attire also allows your instructor to easily check your form and alignment throughout the class. Also, avoid wearing any clothing with zippers, especially down your back.

As far as shoes go, don’t worry!  We do Pilates either barefoot or in ToeSox (can be purchased at the Studio).

Because you’ll be engaging your core (“Powerhouse”) during your session, it’s best to not eat anything for at least a couple of hours prior to your workout.

Also, for your own safety, don’t chew gum during your session.  But do bring water.  Hydration is always important!