Studio L2 Pilates Training Center simply stated is The Best! I have been participating in Pilates for about 4 years now. Two of those years have been at Studio L2. When I first came to the studio I met with Laura Landgren and started with private sessions. Laura is the ultimate professional and has helped me in so many ways. I have gained a tremendous amount of strength, toning, flexibility and improvements in my posture as well as my health. I feel I have more confidence in my body and myself. I also have a few ailments which Laura and her staff have always been able to help me with by making slight changes or variations and therefore I’m able to get a complete workout each and every time. I now take classes with a variety of the instructors at Studio L2 and I find each of them to be highly personable, professional, and there for each one of their students to get the best pilates session each and every time. Not only is the environment extremely clean but its hygienic, they have great cleaning practices in place. I’ve met a great group of people at the studio and there is always a feeling of inclusivity. I look forward to my weekly workouts and I LOVE STUDIO L2 PILATES!”

-Renee S.

-Ken Y.

As a relative newcomer to Pilates, I am encouraged by the benefits I have already received from the work with my Pilates instructor, Laura, and I am sure that my personal rewards from the experience will keep building as long as I keep coming back. My physical condition is above average for a guy my age. As a youngster I ran marathons, cross-country skied, and did long distance cycling. Now in addition to weight training and aerobics most days, I look forward to my Pilates session. Pilates has improved my core strength (which I thought was already pretty strong), kept my muscles stretched, long and supple to prevent injuries in my other activities.   It has also increased my overall body awareness. In addition, my balance has also improved which is of primary importance to anyone over 65 to prevent falling. I especially appreciate the stretches and exercises that require me to think and coordinate the movements with my body. It’s not just a mindless repetitive workout—for me it’s good brain therapy too. My Pilates session is valuable insurance against injuries, for keeping me pain free and, for making me look taller.”

  • What a warm and welcoming environment, no matter what shape you are in the staff is there to support you and teach you along your journey to a better you!

    Renee P.
  • Laura such an amazing business/Pilates lady. This studio is second to none. The spirit and quality is fantastic.

    Lora G
  • Love, Love Laura ! She is a great business owner, talented Pilates Instructor and supporter of fellow Eden Prairie Businesses. Thumbs Up Studio L2, job well done!

    Nancy N.
  • This is the best studio! Laura has created an awesome environment for all levels! It's good for the body and great for the soul! Highly recommend it!

    Erin R.