Pilates for Every “body”

At Studio L2, we aren’t doctors or miracle workers…  we’re just people who are so passionate about Pilates and all its benefits that we became instructors.   We can’t promise you John Stamos’s six-pack or Pippa’s tush (too many genetics involved!) , but we will do our best to bring out your best body.  Whether you have pain or balance issues, want to stand taller, breathe better, be able to lift your grandkids, or tame your bat wings– Pilates can help.

Pilates is not just a series of exercises, but actually a complex Movement System, connecting the mind, body and spirit. It challenges bodies both physically, and mentally, while decompressing, realigning, and often alleviating pain.  We can’t stress enough that doing the work is worthwhile.  Joe said, “Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.

Pilates through the Ages

Kids/’Tweens/Teens – When we were kids, we’d hop, jump, skip, twist, run, roll and climb all day long.  Unfortunately, as we mature, “life happens,” and we stop being so playful and movement driven.  Pilates helps maintain the positive aspects of a youthful body – flexibility, balance, natural movement – and guides the growing body as it changes in skeletal development and muscular density.  Pilates improves balance, coordination, and strength and, more importantly for this group, Pilates helps enhance body awareness, which is crucial in the ever-changing young adult body (that can literally change overnight!).  For young athletes, this body awareness can help prevent injury and improve mental toughness…bonus!

Teaching Pilates to young adults has its own set of challenges, but is incredibly rewarding!  We’re grateful for the opportunity to teach Pilates Mat Work in our very own Eden Prairie High School’s Body Shop Class, and also to participate in the annual “May Term for All” at Edina High School.


But, alas, now we are adults.  We have full time jobs that we fight traffic to get to and sometimes bring work home.  As a consequence, our bodies have taken the shape of this lifestyle – heads craned forward looking at our phones or computer screens, shoulders up by our ears supporting our endlessly typing and texting arms, and butts curled under us in the shape of our car seat or desk chair. The Struggle is Real! Luckily, Pilates helps you recognize your current misalignments and guides you to your former posture.  The greatest benefit of a consistent Pilates practice is how you can transfer the teachings into your daily life—like self-correcting when you feel yourself slouching over your desk.  All of the classes at SL2 will teach your body to maintain correct alignment while building both core and muscle strength while improving flexibility. Who doesn’t want that?   Joe said, “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.”   So come in to SL2 and stay “forever young!

Older Adults

Gone are the days when “Grandma” was stereotypically defined as a grey-haired woman who knit afghans and baked yummy cakes and pies.  We know and appreciate that today’s Grandmas are more active than ever–we have plenty of “Glam-as” in the Fab50 and Sexy60’s clubs at SL2!  These women are go-getters who are dedicated to aging gracefully.  They’re what we call PILATES STRONG, inside and out.


Our oldest student at SL2 just celebrated his 80th birthday and he.is. AMAZING!  (Read about Ken in Testimonials)

Our seniors still want to look good, but more importantly, they want to maintain their quality of life.

As a result, we teach privates and classes that address senior’s concerns such as flexibility, balance and strength.  This trifecta serves as functional training for daily tasks such as climbing stairs, lifting heavier objects and getting in and out of the car (activities most of us take for granted).  Also, the Mind/Body nature of Pilates helps mental clarity and cognition.  Joe definitely reaped the benefits of his lifelong passion as he was still practicing pilates and running his own studio in New York until he died at age 83.  A true inspiration.

*ideas for this page inspired by “Joe & Clara”