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My first reaction when I saw this photo was, “Hey!  JP’s inspiration for Elephant in the Long Stretch Series!  Winning!” (Love the “simple” yet effective movement!) But then I read the caption and my heart sunk–Epic Fail.  You see, BALANCE is a significant Pilates Principle that is elusive to me  in my daily life.  I’m constantly struggling to equally spend quality time with my daughters, friends and family as well as teach and grow my business.  But today I took a deep breath and allowed myself to change my mindset–experience a paradigm shift.  I’m erasing the image of the scales from my mind when I hear the word “Balance.”  I’m rewriting the definition to exclude the word “equal.”   The reality is that there isn’t enough time in the day for me to “do” or “be” to live up the the expectations I’ve put on myself.  And even if there were enough hours in the day, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would  be possible to spend that time “equally” or as I’d choose.    Living a Balanced Life means different things to different people.  Starting today, for me that means living in the moment.  Some days maybe it’s working on the new studio all day and not spending any time with friends.  Some days maybe I’ll rock a great workout and other days I won’t.  Either way I’m going to enjoy exactly what it is that I’m doing and who I’m doing it with–Not stressing myself out by thinking of  all the other things I’m NOT doing.  I’m going to look at the bigger picture and know that it will all balance out…In TIME.

In contrast, BALANCE as a function and by-product of a consistent pilates practice is much easier for me!  Below is a chart that JP created to give a visual of Mind/Body Balance.

Now to see the Pilates Principle of BALANCE demonstrated in real life, enjoy this video!  The first section shows the Pittsburg Steelers’ Antonio Brown during off-season Pilates training.  Then it’s the incredible Red Bull XFighters Motocross–Love love love!   (I’m awestruck watching any extreme sport with aerial stunts!)  And finally, Arizona Diamondbacks’ Ryan “Tatman” Roberts demonstrates an awesome balance exercise on the stability ball.   (Yes, Studio L2 Students, we’ll be adding that one to our repertoire!)    Enjoy!

*Note:  Check out my amazing fellow Pilatesista on facebook –   The Balanced Life: A Pilates-Inspired Lifestyle with Robin Long

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