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*Guest post contributed by Regina Cannon Treml      Thanks, Regina!

When I first started working with Laura last fall, I was NOT a Pilates Junky – or even a person who exercised for that matter!  I own a floral shop, so I stand all day at my job; lifting heavy buckets and twisting and bending as I design.  I figured that was enough exercise for me, right?

My inspiration for Pilates was this cartoon.

Drinking wine with fluid motion while exercising…what could be better?!  Plus, the character is nice and slender, so why not give it a try?!  I called Laura and we scheduled some training sessions.

I remember the first few times working on the Reformer.  Laura would say, “We’re going to put your hands here…and your feet there…and move the carriage back to…Here!  I literally laughed at her and said,  “Yeah,  S U R E   we are !”  I do still laugh and doubt that it will happen on a daily basis, but gradually my foot has started to go Up there, while my hands are Back here.  And even my tushie can “pop up” like it’s supposed to most of the time!

Then an interesting thing started to happen over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve found myself thinking about HOW to use my body.  Not over-thinking or focusing on it per se, but softly….quietly thinking as I move about.

*  I don’t just get up from the floor or couch anymore.  I use my Golden Triangle and LIFT myself with my core!   Hmmm….that’s interesting!

* As I’m walking along, I don’t just suck in my gut to look thinner–I LENGTHEN through my spine and out the top of my head to feel longer and stronger!  Another new concept!

*  When I’m bending over to get an item, I find myself LIFTING my ribcage out of my hips rather than just folding over! Darn that cactus image Laura put in my head!

* That chair exercise called Washer Woman even came to me while camping last weekend–flatten my back, pull my belly button toward my spine, and square my shoulders rather than hunching over that pail of dirty water!

What’s happening to me?!  Has the exercise taken over?  Am I actually LEARNING and IMPLEMENTING Pilates into my daily life?!?

The kicker happened one night as I was putting our little 4-year old guy to bed.  We were chatting; recapping our day.  I mentioned that Mommy had gone to an exercise class called Pilates.  At my son’s preschool they call their exercise time “Stretch &  Grow,” which my son really likes, so he was interested in Mommy’s version and asked me to show him some of my “Moves.”  We actually started with some Yoga positions (yes, sometimes Laura incorporates some yoga stretching into our sessions), Pigeon being the first one.  He thought it was okay.  Mostly he just liked the name.  Then we did Stork.  Again, the name was the highlight.  THEN I showed him Rolling Like a Ball, and THAT got his attention!  He proceeded to giggle and roll all around the room (he’s not as worried about form as I am!).  And when he was done, he jumped into my arms and proclaimed, “Pilates is FUN and I LOVE YOU!!”

Well that was enough to start us on the path of nightly games of Rolling Like a Ball and other Pilates inspired (though not always accurate!) movements before bed time.  Then we end the night with a follow up question, “Mommy, what did you learn at Pilates today?”  which starts a discussion of muscles or bones, for example, and how they work in our bodies.

My son’s nightly question of, “What did you learn today at Pilates?” has really got me wondering.  Hmmm….maybe my Lesson from the last few months of working with Laura is not just, “How do I Feel?” or “How do I Look?” but more to the point…

What DID I learn in Pilates today?  All of the things I’m learning are making me stronger and more stable on a daily basis.  Not just physically, but mentally as well.  And to think it all started from a little cartoon!

I never thought I’d say it, but… I AM A PILATES JUNKY!

*Note:  Regina STILL laughs at me on occasion but has made huge strides in her practice!  She’s the living example of how Pilates can help you grow stronger from the Inside-Out and also the epitome of our new Studio tagline:  Pilates with Attitude!

Look at that spinal extension on her adorable little guy doing Swan!  She told me, “Mommy keeps saying, ‘Zip your legs together!”  JP would be thrilled!!

Thanks for sharing, Regina!

                                      – Laura

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